KIST Industries was born when founder, John Iverson, became confined to bed for most of his waking hours. Having tried nearly every over bed table on the market, he realized that a quality home-use product simply could not be found and saw a clear opportunity. The products available simply fell well short of the convenience and durability required. Most were not high enough to reach over a standard bed. And, on average, they weighed under 20 pounds which made them weak and unstable.
So, with his background as the owner of the largest, close-tolerance machine shop in America, he spent a year developing the ultimate over bed table. He knew how important features like height, vertical movement, tilt, strength and stability are to delivering a superior product. His invention now allows people to use a laptop or tablet, read and eat comfortably and safely while lying in bed. In fact, the table is so versatile and rugged, it can be used almost anywhere – from the home to hospitals and offices.